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Orpheus and the Furies

Orpheus and the Furies was performed at St. Paul's, Bristol in 2011. Original music by Benji Bower and Ian Ross sparked the beginnings of this music led project, which will be back...

"A really atmospheric, confident and highly musical interpretation of the Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice, performed in the dim and echoey vaulted crypt beneath an old church, it features the multi-talented Tristan Sturrock under the direction of Katy Carmichael. This combo stands guarantee for a highly artistic and aesthetically pleasing take on a romantic theme - here we're being transported down into an other-wordly underworld just beneath the pavements, away from reality and into the realm of the imagination and subconscious, seduced by sounds, images and texts that are never mundane...a gnarled branch becomes the lyre of Orpheus no questions asked...a brilliant bunch of musicians collaborate in a European style to make music theatre that's stylish and different" (Venue)

Arts Council